This plan is recommended for online shops that generate a lot of content per month.

  • More than 100 new products per month (about 480,000 words)

  • More than 10 blog posts per month of 2,500 words each.

  • More than 4,800 words per month for SEO.

Glotio's Corporate plan is designed for giant online shops that need a cost-effective proposal tailored to their needs.

What does this plan include?


  • Translate a language from scratch. Consult price per language.

  • There is no difference between one language and another. Personalised quote.

  • Translations are yours and are stored on your servers.

  • Unlimited views of translated pages.

  • No permanence clause.

  • First language free (up to 20 million characters).

  • The more languages you translate at the same time, the more discount you get.

  • Preferential customer service by telephone or email. Assignment of a Key Account Manager


  • Unlimited manual updates.

  • 1 automatic update per day.

  • Upgrade languages with no character limitation.

  • Consult price per character.

  • Preferential customer service by phone or email. Assignment of a Key Account Manager

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