This plan is suitable for shops that add:

  • Less than 20 new products per month (around 6,000 words).

  • 4 blog posts per month of 1,000 words each (around 4,000 words).

  • 500 words per month for SEO.

This plan is suitable to start getting to know what Glotio can do for you. You can only update one language.

What does this plan include?


  • Translate one language from scratch. Any new language costs 299€.

  • There is no difference between one language and another.

  • Translations are yours, they are saved on your server.

  • Unlimited views of translated pages.

  • No permanence clause.

  • First language free (up to 20 million characters).

  • The more languages you translate at the same time, the more discount you get.

  • No monthly fee.

  • Ticket system. Response in less than 48 h (working days)


  • You can manually launch an update once a month.

  • You cannot customise the date and time of the update.

  • You do not have a character balance to update that is renewed every month.

  • With this plan, you only pay to update one language.

  • The character cost is 0,0001 €.

  • Ticket system. Response in less than 48 h (working days).

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