After installing the module, in order to be able to use the first language translation, you will have to register your account.

It can happen that the system does not let you register your account.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • The shop is in local mode. Glotio needs the shop to be publicly accessible and therefore does not allow you to register shops on localhost or that need special access.

  • The shop is already registered. In this case, the system will send you a message on the login page if the shop is already registered with the same email address. If you do not remember the password, click on Recover password.

  • The shop is multistore. Glotio does not currently support this type of configuration and therefore does not allow you to register it. If you don't really use the multistore you can deactivate it in the Prestashop configuration and then you can create your Glotio account.

  • The shop has some blocking or firewall system that prevents us from access to data. If possible disable these systems for a few minutes to check if Glotio can connect correctly by deactivating it. If so, you could try setting up a rule that ignores the security whenever the url contains the word glotio. For more info read this article:

  • The shop does not have the SSL certificate configured correctly. Please check if it is well configured with and if not, check and consult with your hosting to generate a new certificate.

  • The shop does not have suitable hosting. Glotio does not support free hosting. Please check if it is ok and in case you need to hire a suitable hosting.

It is likely that the APIKEY has changed and we need to update it on our side.

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