• How many times does Glotio update translations? Is the update daily? here are two options so that your store is always updated:

1) Manual updates: with this option you can decide when you want to update, and you will immediately pay for pending updates. In the panel, Glotio will indicate the characters that are pending to be translated.

2) Automatic updates: Everyday it will check if there are new texts to translate in the online store and will proceed to update and collect them according to the established credit limits.

  • How long does the automatic update last? The duration depends on how much text to analyze and translate. During the entire update, you won't be able to access or change data until it's finished.

  • What if Glotio can't find anything new to translate? If the system does not find anything new to translate, it will not charge anything.

  • Can I change the date and time of the update? Normally this update will be done at night, at dawn. but now you have the option to decide the time you want the update to take place, choosing the manual updates.

  • How much does each update cost? Because I have recurrent payments on different dates? Please check How does Glotio charge me? Our prices: https://glotio.com/pricing/?lang=en

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