Payment for text updates will be managed based on two limits, and will normally be made at the end of the month: a limit managed by you and another by Glotio. The possibility of updating the translated texts will not be available until you provide a payment method in the web section.

How does paying for automatic updates work?

The payment of the updated translations will be managed based on two limits, and will usually be made at the end of the month: one limit is managed by the user and another limit by Glotio.

  • The limit set by yourself allows you to indicate the maximum amount in euros that you are willing to pay each month to update the translations of your texts. By default it will be € 50, but you can increase or decrease it, as well as customize it or indicate that there is no limit. In any case, it will be billed from a minimum of € 3 consumption, although Glotio reserves the possibility of varying this minimum amount. If during the month you are close to exceeding your limit, Glotio will alert you about it so that you can modify it. In case you exceed this limit, Glotio will notify you to update it to a higher amount. If you do not update it, Glotio will not translate any text until you change your limit to an amount that covers all texts pending translation.

  • Glotio's credit limit it’s the limit of costs of translations accumulated without charge, before which, when exceeded, Glotio will automatically proceed to charge. It will normally be € 50, although it can be modified by Glotio depending on the user's particularities, such as the monthly volume of characters to be translated, informing them about it. Whenever you reach Glotio's credit limit, and your monthly limit has not been exceeded, regardless of the time of the month, the translation will be automatically billed.

Example: if the credit is € 50, and your last update has been budgeted at € 35 and you had already accumulated another € 20, Glotio will charge € 55, the corresponding invoice will be created and you will receive an email with how much has been charged. Your credit account will return to zero, so you have a € 50 credit again.

* This limit is different from the monthly limit of your account and is charged on different dates depending on when you reach the limit.

The charge will be made:

  1. At the end of the month, if the minimum payment required has been reached. Otherwise, it will remain accumulated.

  2. Every time an update is released and Glotio's credit is exceeded.

If at the end of each month the initially translated texts have not undergone changes, you must not pay any amount. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the possibility of updating the translated texts will not be available if you have made the initial translation due to a Glotio promotion. In that case, it will be necessary for you to provide their credit or debit card details for the management of the recurring payments, always as indicated above.

*The minimum payment is 0,50€

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