The reasons why Glotio has not translated an element can be:



You have just added the text after the translation

So you will find this translated text once Glotio starts updating (and you have to put a payment method).

The text belongs to some not supported modules

Find out in your advanced settings the modules that are not marked as translatable or are unmarked (and in this case they were not translated because of this).

In case you have already updated, the text you have added already has a translation present in your PrestaShop

Then in this case, Glotio does not translate because it recognizes that there is a manual translation from the client. The same happens if you have disabled the option “I want to fully translate this language again”.

You got your monthly limit

If you want that Glotio continues to translate, you have to increase it.

Please check if the fields that have not been translated were included in the advanced settings before doing the first translation

If they are unchecked, just check them for Glotio to translate them during the next update.

BEWARE if you have tools that update products automatically

In this case, we have seen that every day the translation is updated in your source language and Glotio always translates the same text again. If this is your situation, please, contacts us so that we can find a solution.

There is a not clean HTML code in your text. This problem happens when the HTML code is too large. Normally Glotio fixes the problem by cutting the HTML texts in different parts and then translates them one by one. In your case, that text is too large and it's not able to do that properly.

You should clean up the texts, normally it happens because you copy and paste it from a Word document. There are a lot of tools online that help you to clean up this text like After doing that, please launch a manual update so Glotio can translate that text.

Carefully review this article that explains how Glotio updates your texts.

In case the reason is not included in these options, please send us examples of non-translated text, with a link to the product and its ID to our email

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