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After the installation and the account creation, in order to properly work, Glotio must be able to connect to your store and download the texts. Here is a list of items to solve these connection problems.

  1. You must have the Glotio module installed and active in your shop.

  2. Also, check if there is any update available for the Glotio module and update if it's necessary.

  3. The URL of your store must be publicly accessible from the Internet. Glotio cannot connect to servers located on private networks such as http://localhost.

  4. The maintenance mode does not affect the operation of Glotio. However, it is possible that you have direct access to your website blocked by another technical measure that you must deactivate in order to connect.

  5. If there are still problems connecting, check that there is no firewall or security system blocking our connection to your server. If possible disable security for a few minutes to check it. If Glotio is not in your whitelist: you can put it by any url that contains "glotio".

  6. In case you use Cloudfare: {{domain}}/glotio-api/v1/status


    those are the url types we send, you have to configure the Cloudflare to allow /glotio-api/ or to allow module=glotio

  7. If you have changed the URL of your store (maybe it was a test store), please contact us so we can make the change in Glotio as well.

  8. If you have uninstalled and reinstalled the CMS or WordPress, please contact us so we can make the change in Glotio as well. Probably the APIKEY has been changed and we need to update it on our end.

  9. If none of this works, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you.

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