Glotio launches all the usual PrestaShop hooks when you upload the translated texts, so that the rest of the modules can react to these changes as if the translation is being done by editing the texts in the PrestaShop panel.

Here's the list of PrestaShop standard hooks released with Glotio:

  • actionObjectUpdateAfter

  • actionObject{$class}UpdateAfter

  • actionAttributeGroupSave

  • actionAttributeSave

  • actionCategoryUpdate

  • actionFeatureSave

  • actionFeatureValueSave

  • actionProductSave

  • actionProductUpdate

In addition, the hook actionGlotioUpdateAfter is also launched when uploading translations to the PrestaShop database with the following parameters:

  • object: Prestashop created ObjectModel of the updated object.

  • upload_data: raw data structure uploaded from Glotio to Prestashop.

If you need any additional hooks to be able to better integrate Glotio with your system, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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