Failed connection to the store

Find out that the store is not in maintenance mode. The URL of your store must be publicly accessible from the Internet. Glotio cannot connect to servers located on private networks such as http://localhost. I can't register my account

API failed connection

Check this item and contact us

You reinstalled again your CMS

How to get the APIKEY and other debugging information from the Glotio module

Something in your language has changed, for example, the default language

Please check this item and contact us

URL changed

Please check this item and contact us

The local site, connection error

Check the URL setting and how to set it:

You have a firewall or other security system that blocks Glotio's requests.

You have to configure it to accept our requests. If Glotio is not in your whitelist: you can put it by any url that contains "glotio"




Error due to an only language in my shop

How to add a new language in your PrestaShop

Untranslated texts

Check it in the advanced setting that the fields if you have chosen the fields. Check if the text was not already entered before the translation and have not selected the “non translated” option.

Mistranslated texts

Use the tools Find and Replace, Smart Dictionary and Excluded Words

Language not supported

Check How many languages does Glotio translate? If you want a specific language, contact us.

Glotio is not updating my texts

Review How does Glotio update my translations? and the limit menu, I have translated/updated a language and untranslated text appears

The translation process has finished without errors but the translations are not displayed correctly

First, check the content with the browser cache. In case it still doesn’t work, try a browser cache reset with Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+SHIFT+r. You can also check if the translations are uploaded directly to the back office panel.

I can't see the translated text

Remember to activate the languages you have translated in your back office and install a Language Selector module in your PrestaShop (not included in Glotio) so that the users can see the shop in their language.




I have exceeded my monthly limit and the system has stopped translating

Check Glotio's limit, and updates

Glotio detects that there is a lot of text to translate in an automatic update

Before you have any surprises, check How to configure the Glotio limit and the fields you are updating. Check if you have modules that automatically update products/catalogues etc. Check if you changed the product/catalogue IDs etc. and contact us.

I have received a new invoice and I want to control my spending on Glotio

In the limit menu, you can indicate the maximum spending limit for updates. In the billing history, you can see all the invoices.

Payment errors

Check with your bank first that the card is valid and you have added the required security code. Try using another card. If the error persists, please contact us.




I’m not able to log in

Check How to create your Glotio account and check if the password and username are correct. in case you can recover the password.

I didn’t receive the validation link

Please check your Spam Box. If it’s not even there, click on “Send again the link and change the email address.

My email address/ URL address already exists

Glotio registers any registered email, it's not possible to use the same email or URL for more than one account.

I have a multi-store, and I cannot sign up

If you have configured the multistore, it's not possible to use Glotio. Glotio doesn't support this kind of shop. If you need any other help, contact us. Why I cannot translate a Multistore

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