Do you want to know how much it costs to translate your online store? Well, Glotio makes it very easy for you!

Once you installed the Glotio module and created an user account, Glotio will calculate the number of characters you have in your PrestaShop to be translated in each language, (Glotio only charges for what you translate).

Our rates are the cheapest on the market:

Moreover you can take advantage of our lanch promotion: the first translation to the first language for FREE and thus try our system - up to 25.000.000 of characters.

*You don’t need to add any payment method to try the promotion.

Glotio is a machine translation software, is not able to calculate the repeated characters or words. Check the fields you want to translate in your Advanced Settings.

Beware if you have tools that update products automatically. In this case, it's possible that the translation is updated in your source language and Glotio translates the same text many times.

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