In order to avoid surprises, and having under control your translations updates cost, Glotio allows you to set a maximum limit of what you want to spend monthly for automatic updates. You don't need to put it if you decide for the manual updates.

You can put an amount up to € 500 or a custom amount or do not put it.

Once that limit is spent, Glotio will create the invoice and will charge you the defined amount. 

What happens if you exceed the threshold you set up as the maximum expense for automatic updates?

Glotio let you choose a maximum monthly spending threshold to avoid unexpected surprises. In each automatic update, Glotio detects the untranslated texts (we suggest you the reading of How does Glotio update my translations? and I already have a partial translation. How can I choose the texts that Glotio has to translate?). When Glotio calculates the automatic update expense, it adds to the amount you already spent during that month, and if it exceeds the monthly threshold you set, Glotio will send you an email. Then, you can choose to increase the threshold in order to continue the translation, or wait the next month for translating what you have changed during that time. If you don't increase it, Glotio will stop updating the texts until the following month.

*Every time you add a new language, you will immediately pay its translation.

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