Glotio makes the job, everyday, for you.
Everyday it will check if there are new texts to translate in the online store and will proceed to update and collect them according to the established limits. Normally this update will be done at night, at dawn.

After translating a language for the first time, Glotio scans your website every day to find the text changes you have made in your online store.

If you modify any text in your default language, Glotio understands that there has been a change that must be translated. In this case, it will also check the changes in the texts in the other languages and decide whether to translate it or not.

Some examples, assuming a store from English source language to Spanish:

  • If the English text changes from "car" to "bus" and the Spanish text does not change. Glotio translates the Spanish text from "bus" to "autobus" and uploads it to your store.
  • If the English text doesn’t change, and the Spanish text changes from "autobus" to "large vehicle", Glotio records the change, but doesn’t translate anything.
  • If the English text changes from "car to" bus "and the Spanish text changes from" autobus "to" large vehicle ", Glotio records the changes, but doesn’t translate anything.

You can make all the changes you want during the day, and at night Glotio will check what has changed and translate it taking into account your dictionary  and your list of  excluded words, as long as text containing these words or phrases is going to be touched.

The languages that you have activated in our panel, will update automatically every night, so that you have your online store always updated.

WARNING: Glotio is a machine and it is not able to understand and translate ONLY the word you changed. Even if it is just a comma or symbol, Glotion will re-translate the entire element that contains the change.


- If you want Glotio to translate, you must enter the text ONLY in the default language.
- If you add text in any other language that is not the default one, Glotio "sees" your manual action and makes no changes.
- If you add / change text in the default language AND ALSO in another, Glotio does not translate.
So the general rule if you want translation is adding texts only in the default language, the remainder Glotio does.

How works the payment of updates

So the general rule if you want translation is adding texts only in the default language, the remainder Glotio does.

Payment for text updates will be managed based on two limits, and will normally be made at the end of the month: a limit managed by you and another by Glotio. The possibility of updating the translated texts will not be available until you provide a payment method in the web section.

  • The limit set by yourself allows you to indicate the maximum amount in euros that you are willing to pay each month to update the translations of your texts. By default it will be € 50, but you can increase or decrease it, as well as customize it or indicate that there is no limit. In any case, it will be billed from a minimum of € 3 consumption, although Glotio reserves the possibility of varying this minimum amount. If during the month you are close to exceeding your limit, Glotio will alert you about it so that you can modify it. In case you exceed this limit, Glotio will notify you to update it to a higher amount. If you do not update it, Glotio will not translate any text until you change your limit to an amount that covers all texts pending translation.
  • Glotio's credit limit it’s the limit of costs of translations accumulated without charge, before which, when exceeded, Glotio will automatically proceed to charge. It will normally be € 50, although it can be modified by Glotio depending on the user's particularities, such as the monthly volume of characters to be translated, informing them about it. Whenever you reach Glotio's credit limit, and your monthly limit has not been exceeded, regardless of the time of the month, the translation will be automatically billed.

Example: if the credit is € 50, and your last update has been budgeted at € 35 and you had already accumulated another € 20, Glotio will charge € 55, the corresponding invoice will be created and you will receive an email with how much has been charged. Your credit account will return to zero, so you have a € 50 credit again.

*This limit is different from your monthly account limit, ti will be charged in different dates depending on the day you reached the limit.

Frequently asked questions about updates

  • How many times does Glotio update translations? Is the update daily? Once a day, by default at night at 2:00 AM of the time zone of your store.
  • How long does the automatic update last? The duration depends on how much text to analyze and translate. During the entire update, you won't be able to access or change data until it's finished. 
  • What if Glotio can't find anything new to translate? If the system does not find anything new to translate, it will notify you and will not charge anything.
  • Can I change the date and time of the update? Nowadays, updates are automatically set and it’s not possible to manage them by yourself. If you need the update to be done at another time, contact us:
  • How much does each update cost? Because I have recurrent payments on different dates? Updates have a maximum credit, starting from $50. Once you got this maximum amount, Glotio will automatically charge and create an invoice, which you can see in your dashboard, in your invoice history.

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