In case you have a totally o partially translated web, already half translated and you only want to update new texts, you have to specify the translation mode before launching a first translation into a language. You must specify the translation mode once you added a new language to translate with Glotio. It’s only included in the first translation of a language, because there is no translation history. 

  • If you choose to translate "I want to fully translate this language again" option, Glotio will translate all the texts from the default language to the new one, without checking if the texts of the new language you added have already been translated into your PrestaShop. It means, if you choose this option "I want to fully translate this language again", all the texts you had in that language will be overwritten with the machine translations made by Glotio. We recommend to leave this option active to avoid untranslated texts.

  • If you deselect this option, Glotio translates the texts that it understands such as untranslated. Glotio understands a text as untranslated with some rules: 1) if there is a text in the default language and in the new language there isn’t; 2) if the text in the default language and in the new language is the same one. This option is very sensitive, if there is even only a symbol or comma in one of the fields, Glotio considers it "not empty" and will not translate it.

Once you choose this second option, it will not be possible to translate everything again. If you unchecked it by mistake, please contact us.

Beware if you have tools that update products automatically. In this case, we have seen that every day the translation is updated in your source language and Glotio always translates the same texts. If this is your situation, please, contacts us so that we can find a solution.

Translations are yours own. Since all texts that have not been translated from a third part, they will stored forever in your PrestaShop.

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