We are so convinced that Glotio will make you fall in love, that we decided to give you the first translation into a language. Try without obligation and then pay only for the content you translate. Moreover, if you want to translate more than one language, there are more discounts for you.

Here is more info.

What do you need to get started?

  • Have a shop online store with one of the compatible platforms, even if it is in maintenance mode. Here is more info.

  • Install our Module in your PrestaShop and create an account.

  • Have the SSL certificate properly set and use suitable hosting.

  • Not having a firewall or other security measures that could block our API calls

  • Find out if the source language is the right one because Glotio always starts translating from that language.

  • Install a language selector to your shop to see the translated website

  • Have more languages installed than the source one. If you don't have them, follow these instructions.

  • If you have configured a multistore, it's impossible to use Glotio. Glotio doesn't support this kind of shop. If you need any other help, contact us.

    Take the opportunity of our launch promotion: your first translation to a language for FREE! 

You can decide the first language you want to translate, simply creating your free Glotio account

The system will automatically calculate the number of characters to translate, and you can start translating, simply by clicking Translate Now.

Glotio will analyze your online store, monitoring the entire web to check all the translatable texts. Start translating from the source language. Click on "translate now".

Perfect! You already have your online store translated into the language you want!
You don’t need to put any credit card or whatever payment method for the launch promotion.
However, if you want to add a new language or have exceeded the number of free characters, the system will ask you to insert your credit card to continue. More info: http://help.glotio.com/en/articles/3505015-how-much-does-it-cost-to-translate-my-online-store

WARNING: deleting languages ​​in your platform does not restart the promotion and generates connection problems, see article on deleting languages.

* Up to 25.000.000 characters and ONLY FOR THE FIRST TIME you translate, characters cannot be accumulated.

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